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Software Engineering Services

Our Three-step Process


Identifying Challenges

By the time we sit down with a prospective client, they usually know they have a problem, or that they could be doing things better, but they’re not always sure what or how. We’re able to analyse and appraise the situation from not only an experienced perspective but also an objective one.

Firstly, we take time to first understand your companies aims, objectives and current business systems. We will then look to identify a better way of working which can make your processes more streamlined and efficient – and ultimately lead you more quickly & easily to where you want to be.

Determining Solutions

Once we understand what you want to achieve, we will get to work on designing and building a bespoke software solution to best suit your business needs and objectives.

Throughout the process, we will maintain regular communications to make sure you’re always kept fully updated and informed about the ongoing development of your new software application.


Launch, Training & Support

When we’ve finished creating your new business software application, the most important thing for us is that is fully understood, implemented, and utilised to its full potential for the maximum benefit of your business.

To this end, we will make sure you get all the training and support you need before fully launching it and make ourselves available for further follow-up support in the months ahead too.

Get in touch today to have an initial conversation about improving your business processes and automated procedures.



NHS Digital was at a critical phase with the development of additional features within the NHS App when the global COVID-19 pandemic struck.

As expected, downloads of the App increased significantly and so the userbase grew exponentially. The sign-up process was significantly bottle-necked with manual identification checks required to be carried out behind the scenes in order to allow access by users to patient information securely.

As demand grew, so did the need for an automated solution to ease the burden on the identity checkers who could not cope with the additional growth as a result of the pandemic and government advisors recommending NHS App.

The Challenge

NHS needed a system that could cope with the additional demand and due to the pandemic, this process had to be accelerated. Manual identification checks of things like Passports and Drivers Licences were creating a large overhead and this is where TechSmart Software Solutions came in to offer our expertise in this area.

The Solution

TechSmart seamlessly integrated into the team onsite offering valuable expertise and industry knowledge. We listened to the challenges and then after investigating many third-party providers such as AWS and Paycasso, we made the recommendation that we could integrate the App with these providers in order to automate the checks and so reduce the burden on the team.

We built an excellent relationship with Paycasso, who was a valued customer of the NHS, and additionally, we utilised our expert AWS knowledge to integrate AWS Rekognition into the existing system. Integrating with these third-party providers, we were able to reliably automate identification checks during prefight thus reducing the burden on the NHS during one of the most critical periods.