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Broadband Services


Broadband Service Provider Solutions

If you’re a broadband and/or other connectivity services supplier (Layer 2 or Layer 3) you will know how time-consuming and inefficient managing your customers, orders and services can be.

If you’re a Layer 3 reseller it’s likely you will have limited, if any, direct access to manage your orders and services and so will have to contact your supplier to make any enquiries on your account.

And if you’re a Layer 2 broadband partner then you may find these support calls equally time-sapping – and quite costly to staff for.

If you’re a reseller of broadband services that requires a streamlined product where your customers can easily manage all of their orders and services in one place, regardless of who the wholesaler may be, then a solution may now be at hand.

Introducing… Channel Connect Hub (CCHUB) For Broadband Resellers

At TechSmart we’ve developed a brand new Connectivity Management Portal which allows broadband resellers, or any larger organisations who require and purchase more significant levels of connectivity services for their own use, to be able to directly access and manage their own estates.

The Hub provides these resellers and organisations with the facility to check availability for broadband services in their area, place orders and order management, services and diagnostics. Additional admin features are planned for the near future.

TechSmart has integrated with the API’s of (Wholesaler Providers) Zen Internet, TalkTalk Business, City Fibre and BT Wholesale, thus allowing the reseller to have a wide access to the market, providing a range of options to sell on to their customers.

The Hub can also be skinned to match the business branding of each customer.

With our purpose-built Software Solutions, API’s, on-hand training and support we give you all the tools your customers require to make your business a success.

Get in touch today to get your free demo of our Channel Connect Hub (CCHUB) and connectivity services.​



Hippo Digital is a full-service digital consultancy working with both the private and public sectors. TechSmart Software Solutions had been working with NHS Digital and were approached by Hippo to further provide our expertise in order to collaborate on the vulnerable shielding project, on behalf of the Government Digital Service. This was at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and the government urgently needed to identify the most vulnerable in society, so that essential services could be provided to those in need during the lock down.

The Challenge

A set of criteria had to be devised in order to determine whether a patient was at high, medium or low risk of complications. The Shielded Patient List was continually being updated via the NHS and local social care organisations and crucially, information had to flow between these disparate systems in order to keep this list up to date.

A system had to be devised in order to pull these disparate systems together, to integrate the service with NHS Login and to ensure that information was being kept up to date and held securely, as not to send out faulty information to the public.

TechSmart was enlisted to provide our technological expertise on the project and was able to aid in the creation of a system fit for purpose, that was built at pace in response to the unique challenges presented by the pandemic.

The Solution

TechSmart integrated into the team on-site in order to fully understand the requirements and systems and were able to provide our expertise and, our knowledge around Amazon Web Services.

With a vast array of experience in utilising and integrating with third-party systems using many different programming languages and third-party integrations, we were able to assist in the creation of the system, fully meeting the expectations of our client Hippo Digital and in so doing, provide a much-needed service to the Government Digital Service.