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Software Engineering Consultancy

Robust and well-honed business systems and processes have always been at the heart of the most well run and successful organisations.

Most companies, large and small now have an IT function reliant on business-critical systems. TechSmart Software Solutions can help the smallest company looking to move away from manual processes, to the largest corporate, where efficiency is key.

Using Agile methodologies we improve the release cycle, time to market and help keep your systems defect-free with clean code and TDD principles at the heart of what we do.

Having and utilising the right IT and software engineering solutions in your business will drive its efficiency and growth, not least through enhancing the experience of working with you for both customers and employees.

We have a small team of specialist consultants offering full-service software consultancy, from design through to implementation and support.

We work with companies to analyse your business needs and then implement any IT and software solutions (mutually agreed) accordingly.

We complement your existing team by integrating our specialist resources to enable faster and enhanced project delivery.

Get in touch today to find out more about our Software Consultancy Service to review & enhance your business-critical systems.



Sharp Gaming is renowned for their advanced gaming technology, and in 2021 Sharp officially became part of the Betfred family. Sharp Gaming consists of a highly skilled and highly experienced team of developers, used to the complexities of Software Development and working to deliver in an agile and flexible way. Sharp works with and recruits some of the best industry talent. The migration of Betfred into the Sharp platform presented unique and complex challenges and so Sharp decided to enlist external expertise to resolve a large and complex data migration. This is where TechSmart Software Solutions came in.

The Challenge

The source systems and data were very different to the target platform and impacted existing systems in nuanced ways, which meant that the target platform needed to change in order to support the migration. Information was hidden in obscure places and on occasion, third-party systems at source meant that logic and processes were inaccessible.

The Solution

TechSmart Software Solutions provided essential support and advice in key decisions to the data migration team and additionally, helped to ensure that existing systems could cope with the data migration and volumes coming into the Sharp platform. We provided our expertise around disaster recovery and how rollback could be achieved in the event of the migration not going to plan as well as supporting the team through this critical venture.