Privacy Policy

TechSmart training respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information.  The data we hold about you is very minimal and includes identity data such as firstname, lastname and title and contact data such as email address and telephone number.  

How is your data collected?

You may provide data to us via email or over the phone when you book a training event with us.  In both cases we will ensure that your rights are respected and that you are aware of our privacy policy.  

How we use your personal data

We will use your personal data to fulfil our obligations to you as a customer. This may include contacting you with regard to the course you have booked or answering an enquiry you have made.  We may from time to time contact you about future training events or short courses that we believe may be of interest to you, however we will only do this with your explicit consent.  TechSmart training use third party payment gateways such as PayPal and Square and so we may share your data with these companies in order to take payment from you. 

Financial Information 

TechSmart Training do not obtain or store any of your financial data. We use trusted third party providers such as Square and Paypal in order to take payment from you. These providers will have their own privacy policy and we encourage you to read this.

Data Retention 

Your data is held on our email servers and our staff will not forward it on to any third parties. We may in future decide to transfer this data to a secure database system. You can request that we delete your data at any time and unless we have a legal obligation to keep it for any reason, we will comply with this request.  You may at any time request to know what data is held about you and we will supply this information as soon as we can.


The data you send to us is encrypted during transit via SSL and so it can not be stolen via an unauthorised third party. Our staff are trained and will never forward on your data once it has been received.  If at some point in the future we do decide to transfer your data to a database system, then we will ensure that the data is encrypted at rest, is held behind a firewall and that the database server is separate to the web server.  We will never collect data from you via our website that is not encrypted during transit.